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Avaforce 100 mg Tablet

Active ingredient Avaforce 100 mg Tablet.

Alternative to Viagra

Avaforce 100 mg Tablet is using to treat erectile dysfunction in adult men. The recommended dose of Avanafil is 100 mg and is taken about 30 minutes before sexual activity if necessary.

Avanafil duration of action and onset of action

Some studies have shown that the effects of Avanafil start within 15 minutes and can last over 6 hours.


What's even better than Viagra? Avaforce 100 mg Tablet

Sexual arousal is necessary for PDE-5 inhibitors to work. Depending on the individual's effectiveness and tolerability, the dose can be increased to a maximum of 200 mg or reduced to 50 mg. Compared to other PDE-5 inhibitors, higher selectivity of Avanafil for phosphodiesterase-5 is showing, which results in better tolerability.

Avaforce 100 mg Tablet

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